Mastitis/Let Down

The small wheat packs and covers can be used by mothers with mastitis, or to help encourage the let-down reflex. For both these situations, apply the wheat pack just before, or as, you start feeding/expressing. For mothers with mastitis, hold the wheat pack over the sore area of your breast, and alternate with massage of this area, to help drain the blockage. See our mastitis and let-down pages for further information.

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Small Wheat Packs

Small Wheat Packs

The small wheat packs are shaped to fit over the breasts and come in one size. These need to be used with a cover, which can be purchased separately .


Covers for Heat Packs and Wheat Packs

Covers for Heat Packs and Wheat Packs

Covers are washable with soft minky top and waterproof inside layer. These covers keep the wheat packs warm longer, and ensure that neither you or...

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