Product Feedback

"Thank you so much for sending my breastpads so quickly. They feel wonderful, and I look forward to trying them out in a few weeks. Your website is the best ever, and is so informative. I have found out a lot of helpful ideas of how to reduce/overcome my Raynauds issues this time." - Dulcie.

"The breastwarmers seem to be helping, havenít had any bad 'attacks', can feel them coming on sometimes but they donít amount to much, thank goodness!" - Sarah.

"Thank you - my parcel arrived today. I'm so grateful for your website and products! Thanks again for providing some source of comfort - I've had the wheat pack breast hotties on all day today, they are certainly less cumbersome than lugging a full size wheat pack around." - Jules.

"Hello :) I also have raynauds and have been SO excited to see your products. I purchased a pair of your Raynaud breastwarmers when my second bub was a baby and they were sooooo nice!" - Megan.