Let-down Information

Slow milk let-down is most commonly an issue for mothers attempting to pump their milk, but can also be an issue for mothers new to breastfeeding, or in a stressful environment.
Some mothers will feel a tingle in their breasts when the milk lets-down, but other mothers don't feel anything. The most obvious sign of milk let-down when feeding is that your baby will start sucking and swallowing vigorously.

How to Help your Milk Let-down
Try to relax, sit somewhere comfortable, away from distractions. Using the same ritual each time, such as the same chair, with a drink of water, can help relax you. Applying heat to your breasts from a wheat pack or similar before feeding or pumping can help.

When pumping try to think of your baby. Using a wheat pack or taking a warm shower first can help encourage the milk to flow. Stop pumping and massage the breast occasionally to help stimulate additional let-downs, and switch breasts when the flow slows right down, using each breast several times. If hand expressing, use the Marmet Technique to encourage let-down Marmet Technique video.

Your midwife, Lactation Consultant, or a La Leche League Leader can provide further information for women needing help with milk let-down.

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